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10 Shared Office Space Etiquette Rules | Coworking Infographic

Coworking Infographic

When working in a shared office space, you can create a friendly environment by being conscientious of the other workers. You can even establish a courteous workplace etiquette that everyone will adopt. If you use or are looking for an office space to share, please consider these shared workspace etiquette tips. 1. Practice leaving no…

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Best Places To Work Remotely – Work From Anywhere: Home or Abroad

Work Remotely

Do you work remotely or are considering it? Read our latest blogpost to see why co-working spaces are the best places to work, wherever you are in the world. Remote Work Locations Obviously, within the limits of a city, there are countless places to work remotely. Below are six of the most helpful locales. 1.…

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Coworking Design | How Office Architecture & Interiors Make a Space

working space

Want to know how a coworking space is able to use interior design and planning to create a place where people can work productively alongside each other? Design is what generates atmosphere, and atmosphere influences efficiency and creativity among coworking members. Co working space design goes beyond architecture and furniture. There’s a strong dynamic between the…

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Co-Working Space in Bangkok

coworking space in Bangkok

Working from home has it benefits. From the decreased need for work attire to no commute, telecommuting is pleasant and convenient. However, studies show that there is a problem with working from home, which is a lack of productivity. For most people, home just has too many distractions for them to be able to work…

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Benefits Of Coworking Spaces | Advantages, Research & Statistics

working at coworking space

What are the benefits of using a coworking space? Below, we present you with research and statistics to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your own work. Advantages of Coworking If you’re self-employed, you might consider using a nearby coworking space. Alternatively, if you manage a company that employs remote workers, you could…

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